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Are You Out of Ideas to Engage Your Child in Productive Activities?

Activate the Inner Story Genius of Your Child in 5 Days without Expensive Classes or Long Screen Time


Bond with me for the next 5 Days to 10X your child's Creativity with my Story Genius Writing Toolkit


Story Genius Workshop

(Age Group - 8 to 12 years)

Starts on Monday, March 20

Timing: 6 PM to 7 PM

Children can double their critical thinking ability and creative problem solving skills by tapping into their imaginative brain using Scientific Writing Toolkits

How engaging your Children in Creativity will transform their lives

By spending as little as 30 minutes in a day, your child can transform his stress into joy and anxiety into success

Empower your child to become disciplined effortlessly 

The Child can Replicate their Success by following the time-tested Toolkit

Transform Your Child to be an Impactful Personality from an Ordinary Student

Help your child to double his/her Confidence and communication skills, which will greatly help them in their studies as well.

Are You Out of Ideas to Engage Your Child in Productive Activities?

Even after spending lots of money on Expensive Games and Toys, your child is not happy?

Long Screen hours in different activity classes are driving your child crazy?

Is your child able to Effectively Communicate his thoughts?

A Monotonous routine is Killing your Child's Creativity

Is the Burden of Stereotype Study patterns suppressing your children?  

Has keeping your child engaged in Productive Activity for 2-3 hours become a far fetched dream? 

Are you able to give Direction to your child's Imagination Power?

Here’s what your Child will discover in the 5-Day Story Genius Workshop

Day 1

How to Find Your Child's Style of Writing with 5 Types of Writing in less than 30 mins.

Day 2

How to Build the Character with Step by Step Analysis.

Day 3

How to Create your First Story with the 5 Elements within 45 Minutes.

Day 4

How to Create Any Story With Any Element through a Roll A Story Gamathon.

Day 5

Graduation Ceremony, Best Story of the Week, Sharing Experiences of Little Authors from the Academy, Games and Much More.

Trusted by 1200+ Parents and Children

"Great LiteraryDevices"

"Exciting Experiences"

"Great Guidance"

"Amazing Assignments"

"Uncomlpicating the Transition"

"Interesting Classes"

"Content oriented Classes"

"Impoved Imagination"

"Disciplined Writing Habits"

Why Story Writing is Important for the Overall Development of Your Child?


Creative writing boosts your child's imagination as they create new words, situations and characters in their work.


When your child is creating characters in their writing, they’ll be building personalities and emotions that are different from their own personalities. This will develop empathic skills and help them give importance to others' views.


Story writing encourages children to expand their vocabulary as they explore new ways to express themselves. This will ultimately be invaluable in any career path and social situation.


Story writing involves reviews and feedback. Being able to listen to feedback and implementing constructive criticism is an important skill that will benefit the child in their school life as well as career.


When the child will think outside the box, they’ll be better suited to discover alternative solutions to problems and look at issues from different angles. This will help them push boundaries to solve problems.

Join the Story Writing Workshop Before Midnight on March 19, '23 and Claim These Amazing Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Story Genius Workshop worth Rs. 1,299/- with Certificate of Completion signed by the Amazon # 1 Bestselling Author

Bonus #2

Free Copy of eBook (Bestselling Book)- Farm Tour with Joe and Jessie- Illustrated Farm Stories worth Rs.399/-

Meet Your Mentor

Roopashri Sinha is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Founder of Story Weavers’ Academy, Children's Book Coach and a Success Catalyst.

She helps 8 to 18 years old Children worldwide to write profoundly and mentor them to become Published Authors.

She also coaches the Coaches to write and to become Published Authors to position themselves as Experts in their Niche.

Her endeaveours extend to help IAS students to 10X their Productivity without wasting their precious time in long-hour of stressful studies.

She is a Success Catalyst who helps Women Professionals and Women Enterpreneurs instill Millionaire Mindset to accelerate their dream

In the last 6 years, she has coached 1200+ students for Story Writing/Book writing and 300+ IAS aspirants for productivity.

She has also been featured in many interviews, has contributed as speaker in International platforms and her articles are often featured in magzines.  

Her three upcoming books are on helping toddlers to handle their emotions through right terminology, smooth transition from childhood to teenage and Easy parenting hacks to working parents.

She is currently working on a Children's Movie Script which shall find a form and impact and entertain little audiences soon in early 2023.

Get Your Child to Create her/his First Story

Step 1
Get Access to 4 Powerpoint Presentation Lessons, Proven Templates & Live Classes for a small fee

Step 2
Write your Story Step by Step following Systematic Writing Model and implementing 5 practical assignments

Step 3
Finish the lessons and complete your first story edited by Bestseller Author

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Join the Workshop Now Before They’re All Gone…

Story Writing Workshop @ Just Rs.1299/- Rs.499/-

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